Type Miscellaneous
Junk Item
First Found on MedSci Deck
Dropped by Grenade Hybrid (25%) x2
Researchable No
Stackable No
Recycleable Yes, 1 Nanite
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code cigarettes
As my testimony indicated the last time I stood before this committee, there is still no clear evidence that cigarette smoking is proven to be harmful to the health of the smoker.
~ Jack M. Sutton, Chief Executive Officer
of "Uplift Tobacco" - 9/3/2112

Every box of the Tobacco Conglomerate's new Phylo-Filter-Tip Cigarettes comes with three optional, experience-enhancing additives available at the touch of a button. The "Mint-o-Matic" button infuses your smoke with a menthol/eucalyptus/mint blend. The "Kicker" button adds a flavor-rich double dose of tar, nicotine, and carbon compounds. The "Self-Cleaning" coats your cigarette with a layer of smoke-depositing nanotech.


  • Using cigarettes drains one hit point, without providing any benefit whatsoever.
    • Version 2.47 adds a side effect of 1 Psi Point gain from each pack of Cigarettes smoked.
      The player still loses 1 HP though.
  • When inserted into the Recycler, it generates 1 Nanite.

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