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Christine Schneider is a prolific fan mission author for the Thief series, but is famous among the System Shock community for her trilogy of System Shock 2 missions that include an astounding amount of customization such as new enemies, weapons, objects and textures. They even have entirely new cut scenes which is an achievement unique to her.

In addition to the fan missions themselves, Christine has generously chosen to share the custom objects made for them. They may be downloaded free of charge via her website.

Fan Missions

Her trilogy is as follows, including the most current download links. Note that also hosts additional patches for NewDark.

  1. Ponterbee Station (,
  2. UNN Nightwalker (,
  3. UNN Polaris (,

Her last fan mission for System Shock 2 was a unique 'fun mission' geared more toward whimsy and stealth than outright combat.


Her old website went offline sometime after 2010 (latest version via Internet Archive) and her current website is here.


  • The UNN Polaris fan mission begins with the player aboard the UNN ship Enit Sirhc. Spell it backwards.