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Cerebro-Stimulated Regeneration is a Tier Two psionic discipline that uses psi points to heal the player.

Amount Healed: 2 hit points per PSI skill level


  • Cerebro-Stimulated Regeneration is one of few psionic abilities that benefit of PSI skill level higher higher than 8 (up to a total of PSI 10)[1]
  • One psi point heals the amount equal to the PSI skill level


  • Efficient way of healing with reasonable PSI skill levels. For example, on skill level 5, a single use of this skill equals consuming a single Medical Hypo without Pharmo-Friendly. On this level, a single Psi Hypo can thus replace 10 med hypos with or without Pharmo-friendly
  • On Impossible difficulty, a psi hypo costs 80 Nanites in a hacked replicator while a med hypo costs 30[1]. At PSI skill 3, it becomes more economic to buy psi hypos than med hypos from hacked replicators
  • Essential for psionically oriented character builds, and beneficial to others.
  • The raw economics are identical with Advanced Cerebro-Stimulated Regeneration, but this skill is usually preferable. With high PSI skill, healing with the advanced version exceeds easily the maximum health, thus, wasting psi points. The advanced version also costs much more Cybernetic Modules.