System Shock - Audio Log
From Greg MacLeod
Greg macleod
Catwalk's Damaged
Subject catwalks damaged
Date 26.OCT.72
Recipient -
Level Level 4 - Storage
^^ ( not sure I'm going to live. Given t* ##@@ --e robots had been behaving lately, I thoug-- time ha- c-me -- make - move for the plastique and oth]]]]] []uff. Shouldn't have tried. The compartment was guarded. I barely esc??? \e catwalks were damaged in the fighting. Not sure any '''''' get across them now. Als::::: are berserk repairbots swarming the area below them. Just found Wong's body -- `bots got him while he was working on the CPU's. Damn things opened a hole in my side ++++ better find a way to heal myself.
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