A list of all energy type weapons found in the System Shock series.

In System Shock

These weapons have long range, but they draw energy from your energy supply each time you fire. Although their cooling systems dissipate heat quickly, hot beam weapons will not function until they have cooled. This means that if you fire a beam weapon several times in quick succession, you’ll find yourself unable to fire for a few seconds while it cools down. There will be a period when a beam weapon has cooled enough to fire briefly, but is still warm from repeated use.

You can change the beam intensity of some energy weapons in their MFDs. To control the amount of energy per blast, adjust the MFD slider, or select OVERLOAD for a massively destructive shot.

If you fire while OVERLOAD is selected, the weapon will become extremely hot and take more time than usual to cool down. Be prepared to use a different weapon or retreat in case your OVERLOAD blast misses or still isn’t strong enough to destroy your foe. If you’ve selected OVERLOAD but then decide not to use it, you can disengage it by clicking on the button a second time.

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