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Botbounce Trioptimum Fun Pack Module
Type Entertainment
First Found on Level 5 Cyberspace
Destructible No
Stackable Yes
Bash bots by bouncing ball
~ game description

Botbounce is one of the many minigames that you can find in your Trioptimum Entertainment Pak in System Shock.

The program can be found on the Flight Deck in Cyberspace.


  • Botbounce is based off of a combination of Breakout (or Arkanoid) and Space Invaders games.
  • The goal of the game is to eliminate all targets by hitting them with the bouncing ball using the paddle.
  • After reaching the goal the game starts again, indefinitely.
  • The player has 3 lives. Each is lost when the ball drops below the paddle. Game is over when there are no lives left. The game is also automatically lost when the targets descend low enough to touch the paddle.
    • It's actually difficult to lose this way, since the targets descend slowly and are easy to hit.