Generic Unused


Type Unused
Junk Item
Researchable No
Stackable No
Recycleable Yes, 1 Nanite
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code book_1

Book-o-Tron is an unused item found only in the game files of
System Shock 2. It looks like a modern type of tablet with side buttons and animated content displayed on the screen.

At the time of development Nurse Bloome (at that time Nurse Phair) was supposed to find Dr. Miller's cyber modification schematics on a Book-o-Tron. After we free her from Cyborg Midwife's existence, we would find this item on her body instead of the Audio Log she carries in the final version of the game. Apparently more accent was put on Audio Logs and the idea of Book-o-Trons was dropped.

The correct inventory icon is not shown in the game, however the item has both its unique inventory icon and animated item graphics when dropped.

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