The Bon Chance Lounge is a bar located in the Mess/Dining Hall section on the Recreation Deck of the Von Braun. The Soldier can optionally visit this area during System Shock 2.



The Bon Chance Lounge was a place where the crew of the Von Braun could unwind and socialize over a drink, while listening to piano music. After the infestation of The Many, the lounge was affected by the civil war. Marie Delacroix supposedly ventured here during the war, as one of her Audio Logs, Trusting SHODAN, can be found inside.

The Bon Chance Lounge is two stories, the first floor containing the bathrooms, two bar tables, seating, a grand piano in the center of the room and a presumed storage area in the back. The second floor contains a large table, likely for more private meetings.


If the Soldier enters, he will walk past the bathrooms before reaching the main lounge. The men's bathroom contains nothing while the women's is locked. As soon as the Soldier sets his foot in the main lounge a "ghost" woman will appear at the bar, drinking, while the piano plays in the background. When she disappears, the music will stop and two Cyborg Assassins will come running out from the women's bathroom, attacking the player. After defeating the Cyborg Assassins, it should be smooth sailing from here on in the lounge. The bathroom from which the Assassins emerged from has been destroyed and contains 3 Fragmentation Grenades. There are several bottles of alcohol at the counters and Marie Delacroix's Audio Log, Trusting SHODAN, can be found on one of them. Gun shots on the wall behind one of the counters and on the chair in front of it indicating conflict, which turns out to be true, as a corpse of a male worker can be found behind the bar. His corpse contains 10 Nanites and 6 rounds of Armor-Piercing Bullets. The storage area has a red and blue blinking light and is completely empty, except for a female corpse and a beheaded male. The female contains 12 rounds of Armor-Piercing Bullets and the male contains nothing. Above appears to be a maintenance/ventilation area, inaccessible from here. The second floor mainly contains a large table with a male corpse on it, he contains a version 2 research software and 2 Cybernetic Modules. There isn't much else of interest on the second floor, except for blood on the floor and two Plants on a window frame.

To enter the maintenance/ventilation area, one most travel to the opposite hallway to the left of the Bon Chance Lounge end enter the locked Maintenance Access room and activate a button on the wall which opens a maintenance hatch near the Resurrection Station. The hatch leads to the maintenance/ventilation area, which contains a female corpse, she holds 3 Fragmentation Grenades and 3 Cybernetic Modules.

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