Blast Turret
Blast Turret
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Command Deck
Hit Points 48
Damage 20
Damage Type Standard
Splash Damage Yes, distance independent
Explosion: 15 (Incendiary)
distance independent,
Speed Immobile, slowly turning
Weakness Armor Piercing ammo (4x)
EMP attacks (4x)
Energy attacks (2x)
Electron Suppression
Loot nothing (100%)
Summon Code blast turret

The CRU-22 Blast Turrets (also known as Rocket Turrets) are the most advanced type of all standard Turrets. They are equipped with a mounted rocket launcher that fires accurately, but at a slow rate. The explosions deal a high amount of damage and what's worse, have a treacherous splash damage: standing in their radius always means full damage, no matter the distance! It's best to move swiftly to avoid these explosions.

They have the same amount of hit points as all other turrets. The Blast Turrets have a light brown steel armour.


  • Hack all the turrets you can, to get them on your side against other foes, but be careful to disable the security system first.
  • Both the attack of the turret and its explosion deal a distance-independent splash damage. That means getting further from it (within the range of explosion) won't reduce the damage in any way, only getting out of the range of explosion will result in no damage at all.
  • Note that the explosion of this turret deals an Incendiary damage that can be fully protected against using Localized Pyrokinesis, but is also Energy-based (though not of Energy type), and thus Energy Reflection halves the damage of the explosion. A bit strange, but true.

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