Black Ops Psionic Amplifier
Weapon Data
First Found on Earth
Requirements -
Researchable No
Summon Code psi amp

The Black Ops Psionic Amplifier is a weapon featured in System Shock 2. It appears to be a dark, metal ball that has a small tube or wire lodged into the protagonist's lower wrist. Although it does not damage opponents directly, it can use Psi to perform telekinetic-like actions, such as object levitation.

All O.S.A. Agents will start the game with this weapon.


The Psi Amp itself does not require any Combat Skill or any research to use. In order to use the Psi powers, a player needs to use Cybernetic Modules in order to purchase each subsequent after the first tier. Each Psionic Ability in each tier must be purchased in order to be used.


The Psi Amp is not actually a weapon, but a device that allows the usage of Psi powers. Developed by Esper Industries, a branch of TriOptimum military R&D division, this controversial device allows psionically able individuals to amplify and project their powers into the world. Before the development of the Psi Amp, Psionic Disciplines were mostly detectable only in a lab environment.

The Amp contains and inhibits the normal diffusion problems inherent in Psi phenomena. The Amp also allows the user to effectively channel their innate Psionic Disciplines to a number of powerful effects. This device caused furor in the Psionic community, primarily because of its obvious military applications, but also because of the Amp’s tendency to define Psi powers along a few specific (and generally utilitarian) axes.


  • The Psi Amp is the predecessor to the Plasmids in the BioShock series.

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