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Bianca Schuler
Bianca schuler.png
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction TriOptimum Corporation
Status Deceased
Location Citadel StationExecutive
Game(s) System Shock

Bianca Schuler was a TriOptimum Corporation undercover security specialist that was especially hired as an agent to pose as Edward Diego's personal secretary on board Citadel Station to investigate suspicions about illegal mutagen experiments. For this position, Schuler was referenced as "dense" and "scatter brained" so that she would not raise suspicions.

On her first day working for him she found huge evidence in the research computer Cyberspace of a cover-up. Nothing to link it with the mutagen experiments.

In August, she found the body of a staffer who protested Diego’s involvement stuffed in a service corridor, horribly mutilated.

She was aware that Diego had a plan that would make him rich, that he was taking a leave to see his family in Philadelphia while his uncle died months ago, and why SHODAN was not tracking his illegal mutagen experiments. She speculated that he was going to sell a virus to a terrorist.

When SHODAN took over the Station, she joined the Resistance and witnessed when Diego ran out on them and security robots massacred everyone on Executive Level. Before that, she was given an Isolinear Chipset by Zachary Aaron, that would paralyze SHODAN long enough to kill it. She escaped by going up to Engineering Level and hiding in a crawlway, but her way to the Bridge was blocked.

Diego ordered a detachment of cyborgs to capture her. Her remains were found by the Hacker in a cage, from which he took the isolinear chipset and finished her work.

Audio Logs

Level 5 - Flight Deck
Level 7 - Engineering