System Shock - Audio Log
From Gerard Koufax
Beta Grove Locked
Subject Beta Grove locked
Date 01.OCT.72
Recipient -
Level Level 6 - Executive
SHODAN decided yesterday to seal off Beta Grove, for no reason anyone can figure out.  It refused to acknowledge any of the usual overrides.  After a day of messing around with the circuitry, I've finally discovered that the door was put on a security switch, located in Diego's old quarters in Beta quadrant.  I bet it could also be opened in cybersp... hold on, there's something... oh my God!  What is THAT?  It's


  • In the demo version of the game, this log is assigned to Kiner Perry. This can only be found in game files.
  • Koufax might have been killed by either a Security-2-Bot or a Cortex Reaver, however we don't hear the latter's distinctive sounds.
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