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The Beta Grove is one of the four Groves (also known as Eco-Pods) that are connected to the Executive Level of Citadel Station and explored in System Shock. It is easily distinguished by its toxic, orange terraformed surface. It also plays a major role in the sequel.


SHODAN had been using this Grove (along with the others) for bio-experiments. Gerard Koufax noted that SHODAN decided to seal off Beta Grove for unknown reasons and spent a day to override the circuitry. The Grove was jettisoned by the Hacker.

The ejected Grove - which contained SHODAN's grand biological experiment and one of her processing components - travelled through space at incredibly high speeds until it landed on Tau Ceti V. The biological life forms mutated to form The Many, a hive mind organism. At the same time, SHODAN's processing unit was mostly dormant, but broadcasted a distress signal for 42 years. That signal was eventually picked up by the starship Von Braun. SHODAN's wafer was brought aboard this ship by Bayliss, an UNN Soldier, and given to Dr. Janice Polito. SHODAN was involuntarily reactivated and then integrated itself into the Von Braun system, leading to the events of System Shock 2.


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