Berserk Combat Booster


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Type Dermal Patch
The Berserk Combat Booster is a dermal patch found in System Shock. It significantly increases melee damage while active.

An experimental combat-enhancement patch developed by TriOptimum Pharmaceutical in the 2070's, it increases upper body strength, inflicting more damage during hand-to-hand combat.

The method of application is a dermal patch applied directly to the skin, with the dose delivered by dermal osmosis. The acting compounds are still being tested and show serious side effects with their current compositions.


While the pipe does not need ammo, and the Laser Rapier is rather energy efficient, they necessitate getting up close and personal with enemies, thus leaving the player more vulnerable. With this patch, the time and effort needed to kill enemies in melee is reduced, giving them less time to chew on the player.

A second or so after the patch is applied, the palette will change slightly or significantly, going into strange colors, and creating a psychedelic effect. Then it may shift again several more times, the amount and duration being random. When the colors return to normal, the patch is finished. The duration is highly varied, so make use of it while it lasts. Testing yields results from 12 to 40 seconds.

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