When the rail launcher rounds were spent, when the auto-mines were bypassed, when the neuron acceleration field was neutralized, the men still had their M-22's and their gunpowder. And, by God, they used them to good effect.
~ Captain William Diego, commenting on the defense of Boston Harbor.
The Battle of Boston Harbor was a critical phase in the Eastern States' police action. The UNN military defended the harbor.

The band led an insurgency in Boston Harbor. It was doomed as it was badly led and under-equipped, whereas the military force was well financed, numerically superior and ruthless. The uprising was put down in 3 weeks and the conflagration laid waste to a good portion of downtown Boston, Charlestown and Cambridge. Former Captain William Diego participated and and oversaw the executions of the ringleaders.

Although in reality the conflict was a foregone conclusion, the media coverage of the battle portrayed Diego as the one who kept the peace and restored order, and became a national hero.

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