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Avian Mutant
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Level 4 - Storage
Most Common Level 5 - Flight Deck
Preferred Weapon Magnum Pistol (Heavy Slugs)
Assault Rifle
Primary Attack Claws and Beak (Melee)
Damage (per Hit) 40
Attack Range 2
Hit Points 125
Armor Value 0
Defense Value 2
Disruptability 25%
Perception Medium
Loot nothing (100%)

The Avian Mutant is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Specimen #124 - Attempting to uncover the lines of evolutionary heritage, we injected the mutagenic virus into unhatched lizard eggs and exposed them to hyper-oscillating UV radiation. After several unsuccessful trials, we were able to reverse-breed reptilian mutations of the "Squamata" suborder. These airborne lizards appear to be ancestors of our original test organism and have adopted bird-like wing structures, membrane-thin skin, and razor-sharp teeth and foreclaws. Although we have successfully reversed the biological cycle, we have yet to obtain any color variations other than blue. This is most likely attributable to our UV-breeding techniques.
~ Hans Bichenbach, Head of the Citadel Station Biology Department

These blue, pterodactyl-like mutants first appear on Storage Level of Citadel Station, but are encountered most commonly on the Flight Deck.


The Avians only have melee attacks, so by the time you encounter them you should be well equipped to deal with them properly. They can only pose a real threat when they attack from out of sight of the player (above or behind), but this is rarely the case, as most of the time they give away their presence in the vicinity by a shriek. The Magnum 2100 or the Assault Rifle will take them down in no time, but if you have distance, you can easily pick them off with the pistol or any of your weaker weapons as well.