Auto-Repair Unit
Auto-Repair Unit icon.png
Type Tool
First Found on Hydroponics Deck
Researchable No
Stackable Yes
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code molec. analyzer

The Auto-Repair Unit is an item in System Shock 2. It allows soldier to repair any broken device or weapon, regardless of his Repair skill. It is exhausted after a single use.


A small, spherical object with a handle on one end and a number of extended tool arms opposite, the Viridian V-Badge Auto-Repair Unit repairs a broken device or weapon regardless of the skill of the user. The item is single use. It does not use any Nanites.

The Auto-Repair Unit is marketed as a repair tool. The A-RU scans the target object and then rebuilds it virtually from scratch.

In-Game Strategies

  • This unit is useful for a player who hasn't put points into Repair. Since many of the weapons and Replicators you'll find have been broken, the Auto-Repair Unit can come in quite handy indeed.
  • These are a bit more common than other one-time tools, so the player can rely on them in more situations.
  • The Auto-Repair Unit, contrary to its flavor text, does not improve a weapon's condition, only repairs it from a "broken" state. It is best supplemented with Disposable Maintenance Tools.
  • ARU is the only way to fix a Turret that has had an ICE node activated during unsuccessful hacking.

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