Assault Robot
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Earth (harmless)
Recreation Deck
Hit Points 200
Damage 12
Damage Type Fusion
Splash Damage Yes, distance independent
Explosion: 8 (Standard)
distance dependent
Speed Slow
Weakness Armor Piercing ammo (4x)
EMP attacks (4x)
Energy attacks (2x)
Electron Suppression
Stasis Field Generator
Loot 2 of the following:
10 Prisms (15%)
Portable Battery (30%)
no loot (55%)
Diagnostic/Repair Module [always] [with Cyber-Assimilation O/S Upgrade]
Summon Code assault
Voiced by Eric Brosius
The Assault Robot, also known as the Military Robot, is the toughest of the three large ‘bots, and fires a Fusion Cannon. These are high-performance military robots, meant to be used only in the face of a significant threat.

The UNN Navy uses Assault Bots as Military Police units aboard its orbital space stations and craft. The UNN Rickenbacker carries a number of Assault Robots on board.

The sheer firepower these 'bots pack can hardly be overstated. Even a single hit from their cannons hurts and a barrage of fusion shots by an Assault Robot that has a bead on you is almost guaranteed to ruin your day.

Assault Bots are also significantly faster and more maneuverable than Security Robots and Maintenance Robots.

They first appear on the Recreation Deck. After destroying one, you should search its chassis for salvageable equipment, such as prisms or a Portable Battery.

Strategic Analysis

  • As with all mechanical foes, a Dual-Circuit EMP Rifle or EMP Grenades are the weapons of choice. These are extremely deadly, so take them down as fast as possible. An attack with armor piercing bullets is also a good choice. If you have neither, Disruption Grenades (or Fragmentation ones, assuming the Grenade Launcher is upgraded) will suffice thanks to the massive amount of Standard damage they deal. Also, since they move slowly you can try lacing their path with several Proximity Grenades, which they will blindly blunder into. Finally, if you happen to be packing a Fusion Cannon yourself, set it to "DEATH" mode and give the marauding Assault Robot a taste of its own medicine.
  • Melee weapon users should approach all the big bots as close as possible, and press on when attacking, preferably from the bots' right side, whey they are harmless (until they turn). Either circle-strafing or pressing on while attacking (assuming they can't aim us) is a good strategy. Of course, their explosion will hurt us in a small way, since it deals high explosive damage. Watch out though when fighting the Assault Robot. His shots may not be the most accurate from a distance, but that can't be said about the close quarters.. and they shot often.
  • As their type of attack is energy-based, one can use Energy Reflection PSI power to halve the damage they do.
  • Their attack deals a distance independent splash damage. That means getting further from it (within the range of explosion) won't reduce the damage in any way, only getting out of the range of explosion will result in no damage at all.
  • The explosion of this robot deals distance dependent splash damage. This means that the further we are from it, the less damage we'll receive. The maximum damage of 8 is in the very center of the explosion and can only be received if the robot moves towards the player, and the player approaches it from its side, moving fast enough.
  • While his strategy applies mostly to Security and Maintenance Bots, Assault Robots also aren't the best in cornering. One of the best ways to take out an Assault Bot when your defenses are minimal is to fall back to a position where the Bot will have to come through a door and turn to get you. This will allow you to either squeeze off three or four quick shots while it's turning, or take your shot and fall back to around another corner.
  • A good strategy against all big bots in general is to lead them so they will follow us from the left-side corridor. This way their way is obstructed by the corner and they can't shoot. The opposite of this strategy is when they come out from a corridor that leads to our right: they can attack with just a part of their weapon arm around the corner, making it hard for us to attack them.
  • A tempting possibility is to turn the withering power of the robot's Fusion Cannon against other enemies - if you can get something hostile between you and the robot, it will surely perish if it takes a hit, but be warned that shots that don't hit your intended 'meat-shield' are still coming in your direction.



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