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Arnold Hessman
Arnold hessman.png
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Resistance
Status Deceased
Location Citadel StationEngineering
Game(s) System Shock

Arnold Hessman was the engineer of the Citadel Station. He feared that SHODAN's malfunctions were manifesting in its Cyberspace net.

He locked storage lockers and rooms with controls put on "cybertoggles" from Cyberspace, and also encoded some codes onto loose data fragments.

Concerned about Cyberspace security, he allowed SHODAN to introduce defensive programs.

When SHODAN took over the Station, Hessman joined the Resistance. He was at the Engineering Level and not able to reach any of the other Station personnel, he assumed to be the only survivor. He considered blowing up the Station’s Reactor and reaching the escape pods. However, he could not find the new systems authorization code.

He was killed sometime after 24 October.


Audio Logs

Level 7 - Engineering


Level 1 - Hospital