Annelid Launcher
Weapon Data
First Found on UNN Rickenbacker
Requirements Strength: 3
Agility: 3
Exotic Weapons: 6
Researchable Yes, Research skill: 6
Research Time 3:28 (max)
Maintenance 4
Modification 2 (1st) / 4 (2nd)
Repairing 5
Chemicals Needed Se @ 12,2%,
Mo @ 92,6%
Ammunition Worm Clusters
Magazine Size 8 / 18
Attack Types Anti-Human
Damage 25
Summon Code worm launcher

The Annelid Launcher or Worm Launcher is a weapon featured in System Shock 2 and the final exotic weapon one can obtain.

It is a heavily-modified alien device and it's impossible to discern its original function. It fires a yellow, heat-seeking projectile when the trigger is pulled. The worm projectile is telekinetically directed by the weapon and will try to "home in" on the closest suitable target. It is not possible to influence its choice other than by changing the aim/direction of the gun.

Upon obtaining the Annelid Launcher in William Diego's Quarters on the UNN Rickenbacker, the player will be awarded 20 Cybernetic Modules.


The Annelid Launcher requires Exotic Weapons skill level 6 and both Strength and Agility stats at level 3 to use.

Research skill level 6 is also required to research this weapon. Both Molybdenum and Selenium are needed in the process.

Ammunition Type

Large Worm Beaker.png Worm Clusters - Annelid tissues which appear throughout the game. When collected in laboratory beakers, they can be injected into this weapon and will allow it to reproduce nanite-virus hybrids.

Damage Table

Mech Half-Mech Half-Annelid Annelid Final Boss
Anti-Human x0 x1 x2 x0 x0
Anti-Annelid x0 x0 x1 x4 x0

Firing Modes

  • Anti-Human - Fires a yellow projectile which deals Anti-Human damage. Each shot consumes 4 units of Worms.
  • Anti-Annelid - Same as above, but causing Anti-Annelid damage.


  • Level 1 - Increases clip size from 8 to 18 and increases damage to 110% of normal.
  • Level 2 - Increases projectile speed by 100% and increases damage to 125% of normal.


  • As the ultimate weapon to eliminate organic opponents, it is also the biggest investment in the whole game. The TC-11 "Brick" Grenade Launcher requires roughly half the amount of Cybernetic Modules that this weapon requires to maximize its damage output, and can be obtained starting from the very beginning.
    • The firepower of an Annelid Launcher will only exceed that of the Grenade Launcher when fighting against pure annelid creatures, mainly consisting of Arachnids (which the Grenade Launcher can usually still kill in one shot anyway).
  • A LabAssistant™ Implant can raise one’s Research skill by one level ; in other words, only Research skill level 5 is needed. However it does not change the fact the that this weapon is the most expensive item to research.
    • Unlike the Viral Proliferator, which requires a lower level of Research skill than the Crystal Shard, one would fulfill the prerequisites of this weapon only if they intend to use it. Hence, think carefully before doing so.
  • The major advantage of this weapon is that its projectiles are heat-seeking and have a decent size of blast radius. It is basically the closest thing to a missile launcher in the game, and not much aiming is required.
    • In addition, it can target the Defense Nodes of the Brain of the Many and the Brain itself.
  • This weapon cannot harm SHODAN, her shields or her avatars at all. Take heed!
  • The HUMAN mode deals a large amount of extra damage to the player, and thus should never be used in close range. The ANNELID mode, on the other hand, does not hurt the player.
    • Rumblers, which are the most durable half-annelid creatures in the game, can approach the player very fast. Therefore, either eliminate them in HUMAN mode quickly from a distance, or prepare for a prolonged, close range battle in ANNELID mode.
  • Exotic Weapons degrade much faster than any other type of weapons, so upgrade the Maintenance skill as much as possible if you intend to use this weapon a lot.
  • Bear in mind that Worms are the most uncommon type of ammunition in the game, so it is advised to make every shot count.


  • According to the in-game description, this weapon is semi-sentient. However, one can barely observe any differences between it and any other weapon.
  • The Annelid Launcher is the most expensive weapon in the game in terms of Cybernetic Modules. Its minimum required skills and statistics have a total value of 212/259/353/455 modules on Easy/Normal/Hard/Impossible. This amount is roughly 24%/29%/40%/51% of the available modules.
    • The actual cost can be reduced if starting bonuses in Research, Strength, and/or Agility are chosen. However, there is no way around spending the full amount of Cyber Modules on the Exotic Weapons skill.
    • The LabAssistant™ Implant can temporarily boost the Research skill from 5 to 6, saving 42/50/69/89 Cyber Modules.
  • The Annelid Launcher is the only weapon in the game that requires a minimum amount of both Strength and Agility to use.

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