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Annelid Healing Gland
Annelid Healing Gland icon.png
Type Regeneration
Research Object
First Found Engineering Deck
Dropped by Grub Egg (30%)
Swarm Egg (30%)
Toxic Egg (30%)
Researchable Yes, Research skill: 1
Research Time 13:20 (max)
Chemicals Needed Os @ 25,2%
Stackable Yes
Recycleable No
Transmutative Yes
Duplicative No
Summon Code annelid_medpatch

The Annelid Healing Gland is a spongy, reddish organ oozing a clear liquid through many small pores and sphincters. Using it will restore 15 Hit Points on Normal and higher difficulties and 22 Hit Points on Easy difficulty. A minimum skill level of 1 is needed to Research this object, as well as 1 Osmium (Os). They can be found inside Grub, Swarm and Toxic Eggs before their destruction.

The gland secretes a prolific mix of hormones and stimulatory enzymes, and a quickly dividing layer of cells spawns off multi-purpose circulatory cells. These cells seek out sites of tissue damage and graft themselves in, taking on the characteristics of the local host tissue in moments. The shared tissue compatibilities between human and annelid tissue allow this gland to be used for healing, though not as fully as it would in an annelid host. Once removed from the host's body, it can only be used once.


  • Immediately upon consumption, the player is healed by 1 HP. After that, the player is healed 1 HP every 1,5 seconds until the total healing amount is reached.
    • The total healing time of one Annelid Healing Gland is thus 21 seconds on Normal and above difficulties, and 31,5 seconds on Easy difficulty.
  • The healing process is not interrupted in any way when the player consumes another organ while healing is in progress. Thus one can take several Healing Gland instantly and expect full effect.
  • What's more, changing locations (using a bulkhead, ladder, elevator etc.) or saving and loading the game (even quicksaving then quickloading without pause) gives the player an instant HP boost of the value the gland(s) should heal (could be one HP less).


  • This item can be studied without learning any Research skill if a charged LabAssistant™ Implant is equipped.
    • Moreover, it is possible to analyze the item at the speed of Research skill level 2, while it's still at level 0!
      This trick is performed by equipping the LabAssistant™, starting the research and then unequipping the Implant. Furthermore, the Implant's energy storage will not be consumed if the trick is done fast enough.