Agility or AGI is one of the basic statistics in System Shock 2.


The maximum level of each statistic is 8. A player can only permanently upgrade Agility to level 6, while the last two levels require a combination of the following items/psionic disciplines:

Note that exceeding level 8 does not yield extra benefits.

Agility increases the movement speed of the player. Starting at 120%, one can gradually upgrade this statistic to move faster:

Agility Level Player Speed
1 120%
2 130%
3 140%
4 150%
5 160%
6 170%
7 185%
8 200%

Agility affects weapon kickback. With AGI of 7 hardly any kickback is felt, while 8 results in no weapon kickback at all.
Agility also reduces slightly the damage taken from falling down.


  • Moving can be even faster when looking diagonally instead of straight ahead. This applies to any level of Agility.
  • It is important for every melee specialist to upgrade it, as one needs a high movement speed to dodge attacks, and match the pace of Cyborg Assassins.
  • Agility 3 is the requirement of both the Mark IV Laser Rapier and the Annelid Launcher.
  • If one mainly uses ranged weapons, Agility should be on a lower priority.
  • Speed Boosters provide a short-term alternative to Agility.
  • A logical O/S Upgrade for an agile player would be Speedy, as it complements high AGI well, granting very swift movement (without any damage usually associated with Speed Boosters).

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