Adrenaline Overproduction is a Tier Two psionic discipline that multiplies hand-to-hand damage by a factor based on current PSI.

Duration: 10 seconds per PSI.

Damage Factor Table [1]

PSI Level Damage Factor
1 1.13
2 1.52
3 2.17
4 3.08
5 4.25
6 5.68
7 7.37
8 9.32


  • Overloading affects only duration, not damage
  • The equation for the damage factor is: 1 + (0.13 x PSI²)[2]

Strategic Analysis

  • Essential to melee-based character builds, very beneficial to all but completely non-melee characters
  • Even modest PSI rating boosts melee attacks significantly, especially, when combined with Psi Booster, PsiBoost™ Implant, and/or WormSkin Armor.
  • High PSI rating, good melee weapon and associated skills make melee-attacks virtually unstoppable and able to kill all enemies with just 1 or 2 blows.
  • Even if you don't normally do hand-to-hand combat, this can be combined with Cerebro-Energetic Extension (a psionic 'sword') to inflict amazingly potent damage.



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