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Access Card
Access Card Icon
Type Key Item
Access Cards are key items found in System Shock.

They are standard-issue security measures and provide passage through locked doors on certain levels. Employees are granted cards according to their job requirements. Once your neural interface registers a card or an access code picked up in Cyberspace, you can open doors keyed to that code.

List of Access Cards

Work in Progress

Key Name Level Location
Standard Access Card
Medical Inside the left closet upon starting the game.
Group Access Card
  • Eastern room accessed from the first hallway.
  • Breifcase in the southeastern hallway.
Medical Access Card
Medical Northwestern room with the first Cyberspace Terminal.
Personal Access Card
Medical Inside D'Arcy's quarters.
Science Access Card
Carried by one of the Cyborg Drones in the eastern hall (near irradiated section).
Administrative Access Card
Executive Among a pile of bodies in a large room in the eastern section guarded by Exec-Bots.
  • STO
  • ENG
  • MNT
  • SEC
  • Group-3
  • Group-4
  • Group-B
  • PER-5

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