Access Cards
Type Item
Access Cards are items in System Shock 2. They are used to gain admission to certain areas and systems that are otherwise secure. There are several Access Cards of different types scattered throughout the Von Braun, which are needed to open locked doors and access key areas and computer systems. Most Access Cards are found on the corpses of dead crew members; however, some are in more secure areas as well.

List of Access Cards

There are 22 Access Cards in total:

  • Athletics Sector Access Card (Not listed in Editor)
  • Bridge Access Card (Bridge Card -2594)
  • Cargo Bay 1A/1B Access Card (Cargo Bay 1A/1B -241)
  • Cargo Bay 2A/2B Access Card (Cargo Bay 2A/2B -242)
  • Cryo Access Card (Cryo Card -1452)
  • Deck 2 Crew Quarters Access Card (Crew Card -532)
  • Deck 5 Crew Quarters Access Card (Crew 2 Card -3048)
  • Engine Override Key (Eng Override Key -2004)
  • Hydroponics Sector A Access Card (Hydro Card A -1494)
  • Hydroponics Sector B Access Card (Hydro Card B -1495)
  • Hydroponics Sector C Access Card (There is no reference to this)
  • Hydroponics Sector D Access Card (Hydro Card D -1496)
  • Med Access Card (Med Card -158)
  • Med Annex Access Card (Med Annex Key -1371)
  • Operations Override Key (Ops Override Key -2005)
  • Recreation Access Card (Rec Crew Key -1370)
  • Research and Development Access Card (R and D Card -533)
  • UNN Rickenbacker Access Card (Rickenbacker Card -2162)
  • UNN Rickenbacker Room Access Card (Rick Room Key -4279)
  • Science Access Card (Science Card -159)
  • Security Access Card (Security Card -2998)
  • Shuttle Access Card (Shuttle Access Key -1493)