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Abe Ghiran
Abe ghiran.png
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Location Citadel StationMaintenance
Game(s) System Shock

Abe Ghiran was a supervisor aboard the Citadel Station. His office was in the Maintainance Level where he kept a Enviro-Suit.


His group performed experiments with gravity generators and installed a low-gravity field in the northeast lab of the Reactor Level.

One night during a late shift, the power went out in the Delta quadrant. The blast door shut down. As he looked for the hatch for the override crank in the darkness, a Security-1-Bot came silently and started scanning him. This frightened Ghiran.

When SHODAN took over the Station, Ghiran joined the Resistance and sent a message to all survivors to join them in their sanctuary in Beta quadrant of the Hospital Level. By November all of his group were dead and hoped he could reach the Bridge and face SHODAN, however he had made it only as far as the maze-like Engineering Level. When he made it to the Security Level, he found the elevators are torn out. Also he could not access the central shaft leading to the bridge, as Energy Drain Mines nullified the use of Jump Jets to get there. He looked for the control to the Force Bridge to the shaft, but then the Resistance was forced off the Security.

He repeated his attempt the next day, but he was again cut down in Security. He escaped cyborgs by crawling through the service shafts, badly cutting himself on the way.

He died sometime after 3 November. His head was found by the Hacker and was used to access his office's retina scanner.

Audio Logs

Level 1 - Hospital
Level R - Reactor
Level 3 - Maintenance
Level 8 - Security


  • Abe Ghiran's in-game portrait is a scanned photo of Jon Maiara, one of the game's developers.
  • The image of the Severed Head of Abe Ghiran is based upon Doug Church, the main programmer of the game.